Staffs TV

At a Glance


  • HD Broadcast Studio
  • Blackmagic ATEMs
  • Makito Encoder
  • Wowza Server
  • Grass Valley T2


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Edius 6
  • Motion 5
  • WordPress

My Roles:

  • Founder
  • Station Manager
  • Head of Technical
  • Editor
  • Website Design
  • Graphics and Logo
  • Presenter

Project Overview

Staffs TV is a student TV channel founded by myself and Sophie Piedallu. It was created as a means for Staffordshire University film students to get practical experience of working in the television industry and to create high quality programming to add to their portfolio.

Myself and Sophie were the joint Station Managers for it’s first year (Sep 2012-Jun 2013) and during that time we got over 50 members, produced nearly 50 programmes and won one award and one highly commended at the NaSTA 2014 awards.

Staffs TV produced a wide range of content including a live weekly show, live sports coverage, live elections coverage, documentaries and dramas.

Personal Contributions

I had a wide ranging influence over Staffs TV, but my first major tasks were to create the branding for the channel. This started with creating the logo, then moving on to building a website and creating an ident that would be placed in front of all our programming. I also created a website for the society members which would allow them to create events, groups and documents to plan and organise their projects.

The logo was built in Illustrator and was based upon the university logo’s colours and use of the Staffordshire Knot. The ident was created in Motion 5 and was designed to be easily editible to it could be matched to each programmed. The ident features a spinning wheel of programme genres and stops on the relevant genre, it then zooms in and the programme name appears.

The next task was to establish a set of technical standards for all programmes published by the society to make sure they met the level of quality we were striving for. These standards were based upon BBC Technical Standards for HD Delivery but were adjusted to meet the realities of the equipment we had available.

For live streaming, I set up a system that featured multiple bit-rate streams to enable dynamic streaming. This meant we could provide both HD and SD versions of the shows. I also created a transmission and outside broadcast system that allowed Staffs TV to film live events such as Varsity, NaSTAvision and the Elections Results show.

Every Staffs TV programme that was published came through a quality control process that was led by myself. This meant that the editors submitted their show to me in a specified format and I would then import it into Final Cut Pro X and run quality checks on it, before uploading it.

Every live show was also edited by myself, using Edius 6 to transcode the Grass Valley HQ codec and then Final Cut Pro X to carry out the editing process.


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