Tammy Davis: Falls Into Place

At a Glance


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • DaVinci Resolve 9
  • After Effects CS6


  • Canon 60D
  • iMac

My Roles:

  • Editor
  • Colourist
  • Compositing

Project Overview

The outline of the project was to produce a music video for a local musician, Tammy Davis. Tammy’s song, Falls Into Place, is a reflection back on a holiday between two close friends whose friendship fell apart not long after.

The production team wanted the video to be a very literal interpretation of the lyrics of the song, with a focus on having a narrative running throughout the video. Their idea was to show Tammy in the present day and then flashbacks to the holiday.

Post Production Workflow

The video was offlined inside Final Cut Pro X. The media files were imported directly from the Canon 60D’s SD cards into the Event. These files were then organised into keyword collections based upon the locations, time of day and contents of the shots. There were a number of takes where we had Tammy singing along to the song, filmed from multiple angles. These were synched up using the audio files to produce a multicam clip.

The studio recording of the song was laid down as the primary storyline inside the project and clips were connected to it in order to make sure that the synchronisation between the pictures and the music were not lost. Markers were placed in time with the beat of the audio to help snap edit points to match the beat.

Once the edit was complete, the various shots requiring compositing were handled. The majority of these shots involved mixing various takes of the same angle into one shot. These shots were done inside After Effects using rotoscope to overlay the elements into the same scene and then using warp stabiliser on the various layers to remove the shaking caused by the wind.

The colour grade was done inside DaVinci Resolve after exporting an XML file from Final Cut Pro X. A few issues came up during the conform that came from certain clips that had had a speed effect applied to them. These issues were fixed by rendering those clips out of FCP X as Pro Res 422 and adding these into the conform.

The director wanted the grade to be quite extreme and stylised. For the flashback scenes, the look aimed for was an instagram-esque look. This was done by raising the black point and pushing yellow into the highlights. For the exterior, present day shots a more contrasted and desaturated look was used and for the interiors we pushed towards blue and yellow.

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