The Cell

At a Glance


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite
  • Audition
  • Soundtrack Pro


  • Canon 60D
  • iMac

My Roles:

  • Editor
  • Colourist
  • Sound Editor
  • Sound Mix

Project Overview

This film was focused on the sound design elements. The production team wanted to tell the story almost entirely through the sound and have the images be almost theatrical. The film was shot entirely inside a television studio on the Canon 60D.

The story is about a leader of a workers union, who gets thrown into a cell by his employers after initiating a protest. As he attempts to escape, he starts to hear the sounds of his fellow workers rising up to fight for him.

Post Production Workflow

The film was offlined inside Final Cut Pro X. The media files were imported directly from the cameras into the Event. The editing process was extremely flexible as there was no dialogue to edit to. The only limitation was that the film had to be exactly three minutes long.

After the film was edited, it was exported from FCP X as an XML file and imported into DaVinci Resolve Lite. The colour grade was designed to produce a contrasted and desaturated look to match the atmosphere of the story. The black level was pushed down to try and reduce the visibility of the studio backdrop and to make the whole scene very dark.

One of the challenges faced during the grade was that during shooting an extra light had been added into the scene to increase the amount of light on the main character when he was sat on the side of the bed. This light had a different colour temperature to the rest which made his skin suddenly orange in these few shots. To correct this a qualifier was used to grab the orange skin tone and then using the colour wheels and saturation the tone was matched to that of the other shots.

After the film was picture locked, it was exported as a complete file in order for the sound edit and mix to take place. The sound was done by a four person team, working on two separate machines running two different pieces of software (Audition and Soundtrack Pro). These two edits then needed to be conformed together so that they would both open in a new Soundtrack project in which the final mix would take place.

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