Bedtime Stories

At a Glance


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • DualEyes


  • Canon 60D
  • iMac

My Roles:

  • Editor
  • Colourist
  • Sound Edit
  • Sound Mix

Project Overview

This short film is about the story of an author and his relationship with his daughter. It is based around the daughters therapy sessions in which she tries to comes to terms with her fathers lost grip on reality after the death of her mother. One of the main features of the film is having the daughter and her therapist appear inside the scenes that the daughter is describing.

Post Production Workflow

This film was used to test out the flexibility of the Final Cut Pro X software. The entire process of post production was based using just the one system in order to find out what it could and couldn’t do.

The only other software used was DualEyes which was used to automatically batch sync the audio files to the video files. The reason this software was chosen was because FCP X lacks the ability to batch synchronise files, it can only synchronise one set of clips at a time and it is up to the editor to find out which audio goes with which video.

Once done, the synched files were imported into Final Cut Pro X. They were assigned keywords based upon the date of the shoot, the location and the scene. The iMac was used to carry this out on set and the director was able to favourite takes inside the programme after editing was complete.

This project provided a good opportunity to thoroughly test the grading tools within FCP X. The style the director wanted was naturalistic for the present day scenes, and an cross-processed look for the flashbacks. In order to carry this out, various styles were used for the flashback but generally the earlier and happier flashbacks have yellow pushed into blacks and the later flashbacks have more blue.

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